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Release Date:
Directed by
John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein
Written by
Mark Perez
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“Game Night Full Movie” Released last April in France, Game Night has established itself as one of the most successful American comedies of 2018. Repeating more or less the frame of the excellent The Game by David Fincher , the feature film presents a band of friends completely overwhelmed by a murder party proposed by one of them. During their part punctuated by an unexpected disappearance and several bloodshed, the participants come to wonder if the incredible chain of events that they live is not real.

Driven by the talented Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman , Game Night does not stand out especially for the originality of his scenario but more by the humor of his drastic situations. The feature film is full of hilarious secondary characters, starting with those starring Jesse Plemons , Kyle Chandler and Billy Magnussen . In film, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein’s film has largely fulfilled his contract, raising more than $ 117.6 million in global box office for a budget of $ 37 million , according to Box Office Mojo. Faced with this success, it is not surprising to see some members of the team reform and join forces with a big arm for a production Netflix.

Jason Bateman at the helm of an action comedy

Recently in Ozark ‘s season 2 season , Jason Bateman is getting back to the camera for the streaming giant. For the moment, the title of this new project has not yet been revealed. On the other hand, some information on the synopsis has been unveiled. This action comedy will be centered on a family that finds itself stuck in an old abandoned movie studio . When the place comes to life, family members are shown in different movies . An extremely enticing pitch, obviously reminiscent of John McTiernan’s great Last Action Hero , in which a teenager entered a blockbuster by Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks to a magic ticket.

Another massive Hollywood actor will also appear on the comedy Jason Bateman. Indeed, John Cena inherited the main role of the film . In recent years, the wrestler has proven to be comfortable in both action and comedy, including appearing in Crazy Amy , Very Bad Dads 2 or the recent Bumblebee . Bateman should also appear in the feature film, according to the Hollywood Reporter . In the script of the film, we find Mark Perez , accustomed to comedies, and to whom we owe the scripts of Game Night and Admis at all costs . For the moment, no additional information has been given on the film, starting with its date of posting on Netflix.

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