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Release Date:
Rating: 0
Directed by
Roxann Dawson
Written by
Grant Nieporte
English, Український, Français, 한국어/조선말, Português, Pусский, 普通话, Nederlands
Chrissy Metz, Topher Grace, Mike Colter, Josh Lucas, Rebecca Staab, Lisa Durupt, Alissa Skovbye, Isaac Kragten, Marcel Ruiz, Nikolas Dukic, Travis Bryant, Sam Trammell, Dennis Haysbert, Victor Zinck Jr., Kristen Harris, Nancy Sorel, Stephanie Czajkowski, Taylor Mosby, Maddy Martin, Connor Peterson, Mel Marginet, Logan Creran, Isla Gorton, Kevin P. Gabel, Karl Thordarson, Tristan Mackid, Phil Hepner, Jemma Griffith, Kerry Grace Tait, Elena Anciro, Danielle Savage
Production company

Breakthrough(2019) Full Movie : Bill Haney’s documentary presents James Allison, a harmonica-playing scientist, and his Nobel-winning cancer discovery.

Think of Jerry Garcia in a lab coat and you’ll have an image of James Allison, the man at the center of the accurately named Breakthrough. A rumpled, gray-haired wonder in the field of medical research rather than music (although he does like to play the harmonica), Allison shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2018 for his work on how immunotherapy can fight cancer. Bill Haney’s straightforward documentary does a fine, if unexciting, job of walking the line between capturing a lively character from Texas and explaining his research to a general audience. It also makes the case that imagination is the key to scientific discovery. (This film shouldn’t be confused with the faith-based drama called Breakthrough, starring Chrissy Metz and Topher Grace, which Fox is scheduled to release in April.)

The doc’s structure is roughly chronological. Allison, now 70, tells his own story on camera much of the time, supplemented by family photos. Others close to him, including his wife, friendly ex-wife and colleagues, chime in on his strong-willed but playful personality and relentless lab work. He grew up in small-town Alice, Texas, in the 1950s and ’60s, and went to an elementary school that forbade the teaching of evolution. Curiosity and personal tragedy drove him. His mother died of lymphoma when he was a boy, an event he still gets mist-eyed talking about, and that he says spurred his lifelong quest to find a cure for cancer.

2 8/ 10stars
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